Tet is coming!

January 30, 2011

It’s 5 more days ’till Tet!  Oh, for those who are wondering what Tet is, it’s the way Vietnamese call Lunar New Year

Tet is considered to be the BIGGEST and the most sacred festival in Vietnam. It’s something distinctive… just like Christmas in Western countries. We all expect Tet to come… for many reasons: about 2 weeks OFF, relatives/family gathering, parties, cheers, lucky money (kids only :D).

These days, I with my family have been tidying up my house. It’s tiring but it’s the best thing to bring members of family closer. Yeah, we make it TOGETHER! I love to see my house which is on-its-way-to-be-cleaned and with messy members 😀 That’s what I call Tet atmosphere.


Just give it a go!

January 26, 2011

This’s the first time I’ve ever used WordPress, so everything is just… “wow”! Signing up is just simple but setting/running the account is not that simple at all! It really takes time. And I believe that most of you would be with me at this point. Aw… I’m consoling myself.

About personal blogging experiences… Well… I used to own an Yahoo! 360 . It’s my first blog and I can tell that I love it the most! I spent most of my free time using it. But how sad that it was officially closed. I forcedly paused my habit for a while. I was trying many other social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, Hi5, Tweeter… They’re great for making friends, keeping in touch with people, getting news… They also offer loads of intelligent apps. But they’re not what I need. MyOpera is the latest one. It’s nice for blogging but kind of boring. None of them could save my habit! I was wondering if I should give up.

Maybe not.

Giving WordPress a go, I keep hoping. You ask me “Why WordPress?”? Believe me, it’s the toughest question ever! I don’t know… It’s just… kind of random.

And I’m ON MY WAY to get my habit back! 

Bless me!